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Hi All...  A friend mentioned that I should post this here.


I'm the owner of Agile Softworks, a small development company located out in Sherwood, OR.  We're working on a few things that we need help on and I'm really not sure how to get good PDX talent without going through some of the staffing companies (which I really would like to avoid).


Our project is created using Adobe Flex 4.0.  It's a small rich internet application that runs on Adobe Air.  We need your help with this and with other browser-based applications.  I'm really not looking for a senior level person, but that certainly won't hurt!  I'm interested in getting somebody that is familiar with OOP methods and is comfortable programming in that type of environment.  This person would need to know how to create and connect ActionScript classes to a Flex based interface.


If you know of anybody who would be interested in this, please have them get a hold of me.  They can send their resume to me or just ask questions via email:  doug.pierce@agilesoftworks.com.


Thanks for your help!


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