A Portland, OR. Adobe Flex User Group

I've never actually posted in a forum so I'm sorry if I double post a topic or something.

What is the best way to make connections to learn about Flex and/or Flash?

Are there any "chill" groups who get together to discuss topics like Flex?

What suggestions could someone give me for looking into a bachelor's in this field as far as schools?

I live in Salem, OR and go to ITT right now in Portland. I just moved here 2 months ago and not because of family or friends. I'm pretty much a hermit, not knowing anyone, but trying to volunteer anywhere I can just to meet people.

I'm also not extremely experienced in web, in general, but it is my passion so if anyone has suggestions for groups or anything I'm hoping for a place where people won't mind that I may be "clueless" I guess? I mean, I'm not stupid and I'm great with computers and have been teaching myself a lot since I was 10 and run a company for web design. I'm not completely clueless but I'm no expert, is what I mean to get at.

Money is an object. I started a nearly non-existant business and I'm taking advantage of funds from my mother's GI Bill to learn and network as much as possible before that can't happen anymore. I'd love to find work but I just really want to learn as much as I can.

Any thoughts, please share!

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